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2017 Holiday Collection

This holiday season, the RR&Co. Shop is offering micro-limited editions of favorite works.
Explore the collection below.  We hope you enjoy the artwork!

Lisheen Street Lamps Neon Love
Out For An Afternoon Dog Day Afternoon Tea Gone For Good
Rockaway Surf 1 Lasso Dallas #2
Three Goats, Djenne Victoria Memorial, Calcutta, India Byron Nelson


The artwork may be one in a million, but each print is only one in ten. Beginning November 1 until SOLD OUT, twelve works  are offered here as micro-limited editions available exclusively at RRandCoShop.com for $95 each. Each piece is an eight-inch by ten-inch* archival quality print, framed, individually numbered, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Once the piece is sold out, the chance to purchase from this edition is gone forever.

“Print edition” refers to a limited production of artwork. An edition of 200 means an image will only be made 200 times using a specific method and size. When all 200 have been produced, an artist closes the edition and does not produce any more prints to those specifications. The smaller the edition total number, the more exclusive the artwork (and harder to for your neighbors to imitate, of course.)

RR&Co. Shop at RRandCoShop.com is the online resource to shop exclusive works by award-winning professional photographers, illustrators, artists and graphic designers represented by Renee Rhyner & Company. Managing a commercial-artist collective for over 25 years with offices in Dallas and New York, Renee Rhyner has carefully curated a stunning collection of sophisticated works available to you to enjoy in your home or office. Shop now and begin your collection!




* Three Goats, Djenne and Victoria Memorial, Calcutta, India come in 12.5"x12.5" paper size with corresponding black frame.

** Frames featured in collection image are suggestions and may not reflect final frame choice.  Frame color is indicated on each product page.