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London Eye
Blue Lagoon, Iceland
Carrots and Radishes
London Eye Blue Lagoon, Iceland Carrots and Radishes
Foggy Morning Down East
Pink Umbrella Foggy Morning Down East Fruit



After graduating from The University of California at San Diego with a BA in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Ann Elliott Cutting went on to receive a BFA in Photography at The Art Center College of Design. Ann currently works out of her studio in Old Town Pasadena, and teaches at The Art Center where she received her BFA. Specializing in photo illustration, editorial, lifestyle, still life, and advertising, Ann is a brilliant conceptual photographer; her clients include Lee Jeans, Lexus, PG&E Corp., Nike, Sony Music, US News and World Report Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Warner Brothers Records, and scores more. Ann's versatility spans subjects from science and organic images to children, editorial, and lifestyle.

Ann's work is imbued with latent emotion. Her favorite photography possesses an "ethereal and spontaneous quality" that plays on the element of surprise involved with toy cameras —"you never knew if you got a good picture," she admits. But, with several solo exhibitions and 20 years of group shows under her belt, people seem pretty sure that Ann's images are more than just good —they've garnered the ambitious artist with awards and publications from the biggest names in the business: some of these include: AIGA + APA, Archive, Black and White Magazine, Communication Arts, Nikon Magazine, PDN/PIX, Picture Magazine, Photo Insider Magazine, and recently the International Photography Awards.

While a crossover from science to photographic art isn't obvious to everyone, Ann finds it to be perfectly natural —literally. For Ann, the importance lies in finding a unique paradigm through which to view the world: "Both science and photography have methods and techniques for finding a solution. The creative part forms during the process. The associations between things that may not be obvious and the coming up with something novel, or seeing a different way of looking at the problem provide useful approaches in both fields."

"Ann's imagination creates crisp new worlds. Her ideas are bright and fun and she brings them to life with light, color, setting and teeny, tiny details." —Dena Verdesca, Designer at O, The Oprah magazine.