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$225 (20"x24” paper size) Edition of 200
$450 (29”x34” paper size) Edition of 25, signed and numbered
Artist: Beth Perkins
While on vacation in Troncones, Mexico, Beth and her husband drove down this road every day on the way to their secret surf spot. On the last day they noticed people harvesting coconuts and piling them under the tree and it became clear that it was a coconut farm. Beth directed her husband to stop so that she could take a picture. At that moment he yelled “hold on” and then drove away. She watched baffled as he disappeared out of site and then a moment later came driving back toward her. All of the sudden she saw it. There was her shot!
A transplanted Texan, now living in New York, Beth Perkins is a highly sought after photographer who is known for her compelling and intrinsically real environmental images. Beth’s portraits and location images have graced the pages of editorial publications and national advertising campaigns. In her limited free time, Beth works with at-risk children in her Rockaway Beach neighborhood, encouraging creative expression, and has sponsored photography classes and an exhibit featuring the children’s photography. Her ability to empathize with any human being proves to show through in Beth’s incredibly powerful and authentically moving work. 
“Beth knows the moment when the light is perfect, when the energy of her subject is focused, and everything is somehow exquisitely arranged within the frame, resulting not in just a pretty picture, but some kind of emotional truth.” —Ronn Campisi, Pulitzer Prize winning designer
Archival pigment prints are printed on 100% cotton paper
Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist
Made in the USA
Our price: $225.00