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Il Labirinto

Il Labirinto

$225 (24” x 36” paper size) Edition of 200 - Unframed
$450 (28” x 42” paper size) Edition of 25, signed and numbered - Unframed
$650 (29" x 41" framed size) Edition of 200 - Framed, Black Frame

Artist: Alice Franklin

From the Simmetrie Series. Alice Franklin creates stunning patterns from images as deceptively simple as irises from her garden in Italy or a lone agave in the California desert. She has a tendency to repeat patterns created by light and shadow. The resulting fine art photographs are more than simply beautiful - they create a luminous world that evokes faraway times and places while remaing utterly modern. 

"Alice Franklin Sclarandis and I were art students in college together and what I remember so clearly was her passion for creativity and concept. Her photographs are conceptual, unique and of a fine art quality. The translation of her images to fabric is awe-inspiring. I can only imagine how lucky one could be, to not only to see her work, but wear it at the same time!" — Liz Tindall, Graphic Designer

Archival pigment prints are printed on 100% cotton paper 
Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist
Made in the USA
Our price: $225.00
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