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Taconic Parkway S 509

Taconic Parkway S 509


$500 (24”x36” paper size) Edition of 100
$750 (40”x58” paper size) Edition of 25, signed and numbered

Artist: Ann Straton

This image is from a series of photographs called A Passing View. Says Stratton of the series, "They were taken over a period of three years along the Eastern sea board. Having grown up in California where there were 100 mile views at any given turn, the East Coast felt closed in and somewhat claustrophobic. It was because of that feeling I started photographing the trees along the highways and roads."


Ann Stratton has been a commercial and fine art photographer for the past 17 years. After graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography, she moved to New York and assisted various photographers until striking it out on her own. With a portfolio of 4"x5" Polaroids, she got her first job with Martha Stewart and is now a highly sought after  photographer. 

“To work with Ann was both a pleasure and a learning experience. She is truly a professional, gifted with an artist’s eye for composition and color. Her taste is refined. She is an experienced perfectionist when it comes to attention to detail. Her personal style is to be soft-spoken and patient and easily the affable manager of the team at the photo shoot. I am so proud to have the results of our collaboration represented in my book.”  Ricky Lauren



Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist
Printed on archival paper
Made in the USA

Our price: $500.00