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Romeo and Juliette

Romeo and Juliette


$450 (20"x24” paper size) Edition 75
$1000 (16"x20' paper size) Silver Gelatin, Edition of 25, signed and numbered
$2500 (31"x31” paper size) Silver Gelatin, Edition of 10, signed and numbered

Artist: Laurent Girard

Series: The Statues of Central Park 1992-1994
The Photographer, Laurent Girard describes shooting this series, " I moved to the upper east side of Manhattan in the early 90's, and quickly got used to wandering in Central Park, stopping by a museum or two on the way.  At first,  I would look at paintings and photographs before my nature walks, yet statues were my only connection between the inside and the outside.  I started to look at Central Park as a sculpture garden, with over 50 statues scattered throughout.  Although mainly in the southern half. I  thought about photographing with a view camera, but I valued my walks too much to give up the mobility.  So, I  decided to shoot square images with a Mamiya RZ, light enough yet giving an incredible sharpness to do the statues justice.
A few weeks after I  shot the first negatives, I  met Mark Rabinowitz from the Central Park Conservancy. Besides giving me a history lesson on the statues, he helped me get access to a few hard to reach statues. Over the months,  I kept going back at different times of day, different seasons, because the weather plays an important part in this series of images.  The trees surrounding most statues may compliment them with or without leaves, with my own opinion changing over time.  The statues' condition and color changes over time, these images are from a particular time, the early 1990's.  To my eye, these statues were aging beautifully." 

"Laurent Girard thinks about his projects long before he begins shooting, the images are made before they are taken."

Elizabeth Avedon

Archival pigment prints are printed on 100% cotton paper
Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist
Made in the USA
Our price: $450.00