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Jump In

Jump In

$100 (20” x 20" paper size) 
$250 (36" x 36” paper size) 

Artist: Ninotchka Beavers 

"Jump In": A whimsical rendering of a brave little girl ready to take her first dip of the season bolstered by a less than enthusiastic ducky float. 

Ninotchka Rivera-Beavers was born in Puerto Rico and raised in South Florida. Now based in Dallas, TX, Ninotchka's art has traveled as far as France, Ireland and Italy. Inspired almost entirely by her experience as a mother, Ninotchka's work evokes a childlike joie de vivre that delights and inspires art lovers of all ages. 

Archival pigment prints are printed on 100% cotton paper 
Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist 
Made in the USA 

Our price: $100.00