Alice Franklin, Photographer

Alice is guided by a love of beauty—and the belief that creating beautiful things is something to be cherished; her images radiate much more than simple beauty. From fine art photographs to surface designs for her own lines of textiles, Alice’s work creates a luminous world of visual emotion that blends beauty and mystery, depth and delight.


  • Working professionally as a studio photographer, Alice produced the imagery for advertising campaigns of Asics shoes, Dressing Well, Fiat Ricambi, Fila, Fred Perry, Herno Manufatture, as well as clients such as Time Warner Inc. and Lavazza.

  • For her own line of designs on fabric and wallpaper, Effe Collection, Alice elegantly blends surface design and photography, eliciting a lush, brilliant compendium of visual art and design.

  • While studying at the prestigious Cranbrook Kingswood School in Bloomsfield Hills, Michigan, Alice discovered her passion for photography. Earning her photojournalism degree from the University of Texas in Austin, she headed to California for advanced photography studies at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. It is here that she discovered the rich, luminous beauty of Polaroid film, which sparked her evolution toward more experimental imagery.

  • The visual pleasures of wide-ranging journeys alongside her husband, Piergiorgio Sclarandis, introduced Alice to “the intricate textiles of Turkey and Morocco, the sophisticated beauty of Syria, the intense colors of India,” all of which continue to inspire her work today.


"Alice Franklin Sclarandis [...] photographs are conceptual, unique and of a fine art quality. The translation of her images to fabric is awe-inspiring." —Liz Tindall, Graphic Designer

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