Bruce Hulse, Photographer

Bruce Hulse began taking pictures with a Kodak instamatic camera, in his hometown of Haverford, Pennsylvania, at the age of ten. Guided by his mentor, esteemed fashion photographer Bruce Weber, Bruce Hulse's talent has been put to good use in front of and behind the camera. Hulse describes his photography as capturing a moment as an image, like a film without a script —and each moment tells a unique tale. The cast always changes, and never is there the same response; the emotional energy is always high, and Bruce Hulse harnesses it to create a different “movie” every time. And, while the players change, some clients keep coming back for more: among them are The City of Santa Monica, Jaeger Sports, Kennedy Wilson, Prada, and the Shangri-La Hotel


Renowned for his zest for life, Bruce’s work represents the perfect combination of technical ability and a strong, personal approach to his subjects. Bruce lives in the Pacific Palisades in southern California with his wife Katrina and his two children. In his spare time he can be found riding his long board on the break at Malibu or running trails in the Palisades.

"Bruce Hulse's passion for life and dedication to his craft has always been an inspiration for top photographers, editors, and stylists." —Jim Moore, creative director of GQ.