David Dobson, Photographer

Dave Dobson is anything but your typical photographer -- if such a thing ever existed. Coming from a family of missionaries, David was raised at various missions stations across the globe; it was at nine years old, on the streets of Calcutta, India, where David embarked on his photographic journey, which has lasted nearly three decades.  David’s images give the viewer a sense of exploration and adventure, while maintaining rich cultural ties that ooze authenticity.  Connecting with the people and places he shoots, David’s roots in charity are readily noticeable in his work.  

  • David has photographed philanthropic projects and programs around the world, and also helped in the creation of the Puresa.org -- with friend Giselle Meza -- which helps free children from slavery and the horrors of human trafficking.  

  • As a photojournalist, David has traveled to over 130 countries and published thousands of award winning images, including some genuinely brilliant portraits of Mother Teresa.


"David's unique and creative technique to capturing a moment on film reflects his passion to communicate moving visual stories with others."  - Joyce Meyer, Best Selling Author    


"As a child growing up in Calcutta, India during extraordinarily difficult times, David watched and learned the importance of  communicating the soul story of the subjects he came in contact with in our village of 22 million precious people." - Rev. Dr. Huldah Buntain, Calcutta Mercy Ministries