Laurent Girard, Photographer

Laurent Girard's love for technique helps him research how an image is composed and in what format to show the final print; staying tech-minded also helps him complement the subject.

In the late 1980s, Laurent moved to New York in order to study film and photography at the School of Visual Arts, igniting Laurent's true "darkroom love affair" — since then, Laurent has gained a reputation as a master printer, working with top magazines, publishing companies, and as a freelance and documentary photographer.

In 1999, Laurent co-founded the art magazine (t)here, shooting the very first cover.  He has roduced and published a wide variety of artists and photographers, shot assignments for books and magazines such as Paper Magazine and Blind Spot, been nominated for cover of the year for the Life Magazine Eisie Awards, won several Communication Arts Awards, and taught at the Maine Photo Workshops and the School of Visual Arts. 

"Laurent Girard thinks about his projects long before he begins shooting — the images are made before they are taken." - Elizabeth Avedon