Scott Slusher, Photographer

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Scott Slusher is a true Okie who stays true to his origins. The son of a world renowned horse doctor, it's only natural that Scott has the heart of a cowboy. Graduating from the Art Institute of Dallas with a degree in fashion design, it was in Dallas that Scott started his career in photography; his work is deeply imbued with high fashion aesthetics, but always maintains a rugged authenticity.

With such an eclectic range of subjects and a one-of-a-kind personality, Scott quickly became one of the stars of the Dallas scene --he's worked for clients as varied as Prada, Clad, JCPenney, The Foundry, a nonprofit charity called Waterthirst, FD Luxe, imc2 agency, and American Cowboy Magazine.

All of his work is standalone and brilliant, but it is with a cowboy hat on his head and a bandana 'round his neck that Scott Slusher lives his life.

"I believe Scott brings a current, fresh, artistic approach to his work. Scott also creates a relaxed working environment. He is always open to suggestions and creative input which enables the crew to reach their full potential. What more could a client and crew want!"